Latest Complete Portland Metro Real Estate Report

27 08 2010

 Well, here it is sandwiched between the National Association of Realtors report where we are down 27.2% in overall sales and waiting patiently for the Case-Schiller Report which comes out Tuesday the 31st.  I did move the date forward to make up for it by going 30 days back from the 24th instead of the 13th.

First and foremost, I will be coming out with a new version, hopefully next month which compares the current report with the rolling 3-month average.  I also will create a little summary (hopefully with pictures) for the non-numbers types too.  Lastly, I will be addressing the question  

“How does the average sales price increase 2.5% in Portland when sales are down?”   

So, the summary in three sentences or less of this report mirrors the national report that sales are down—only by 10% here in the Portland Metro Area though compared to the report of June 13th-July 13th.  Next, some price ranges such as $500,000-$600,000 saw an increase of 20% overall!  Lastly, this report shows little consistency in what buyers are thinking and how they are purchasing in this marketplace right now— it is an emotional thing at best.

 Complete Portland Metro Report August 2010