Latest Complete Portland Metro Market Report

20 10 2010

Here is the latest Portland Metro Market Report for October 13, 2010 back 30 days versus the 3 month rolling averages.


Well, the negative signs are still dominating these sheets with some significant drops in areas.  And the positive signs are also adding a ray of hope for the last 30 days as well.  The average sales price for pending homes in N. Portland is up almost 3%; Gresham and Sandy ticked up a bit in the pending category but had significant declines in bank-owned and vacant properties.  Milwaukie and Gladstone lost a big chunk of their short sales in the sold category too.  Lake Oswego was most-likely hit with the recent national foreclosure halt with a loss of 111% of its bank-owned properties under sold status.  Pending homes in NW Washington County and Tigard/Tualatin/Wilsonville also had a small positive number for sales price.  The decline in short sales and bank-owned homes seems to be a finger in the dam at the moment with some big numbers dotting the averages.


The good news on sales numbers for this report is that up seems to be winning over down.  Positive numbers, some significant, are back down in the lower to mid level price ranges.  The higher priced homes above $700,000 didn’t come out as rosy this report compared to the last one in September.  In the overall sales totals we are down in every category except under $200,000 (which went up 10.1%).  Low single-digit losses landed in the under $300,000 and the under $600,000 marks though which isn’t too poor of a performance.  Lastly, the whole shebang totaled up, came to the real estate sales numbers being down by 3.68% over the 3-month average. 


Complete Portland Metro Report October 2010





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