Complete November Portland Metro Report

24 11 2010

This month’s RMLS Market Action was a sobering affair… so the numbers this report provides will seem more encouraging.  Especially since this information is based on data acquired between October 13th and November 13th, 2010 and the RMLS Market Action is only for October.


The sales numbers are a mixed bag to say the least with some surprising low spots like West Portland Pending under $300K and sold under $200K.  NW Washington County also had a rough patch in the sold numbers under $300K, Beaverton/Aloha dropped quickly in the past 4 months under the $400K mark and Area 151 Tigard/Tualatin didn’t have one closed sale in the under $600K category as they have before.  Positive numbers are all over these pages of the report which is a good sign that perhaps a trend for an improved Fall could be in the works.  The overall numbers are in the black with a couple exceptions and the general total is up by 1% which counters the RMLS Report.


As far as price goes, it is generally down in the sold categories (where it counts) with some bright spots like SE Portland, Lake Oswego and Hillsboro.  Bank-owned homes are on the upward trend as anticipated, vacancies are improving and short sales have dropped off drastically in a few markets.


Read on and enjoy!

Complete Portland Metro Report November 2010





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