February 22, 2011 Case-Shiller Report for Portland, Oregon

22 02 2011

Nothing new.  A small confirmation of what we already knew right now.  “We have seen more markets hit new lows in each of the past three months,” said David M. Blitzer, Chairman of the Index Committee at Standard & Poor’s.

 One thing we have to take into account is that this report measured data in Q4 of 2010.  It is currently Q1 in 2011.  Many of the indications I am seeing now are a small tick up in numbers, not necessarily price numbers, but sales numbers.

 In this report, San Diego and Washington D.C. survived one more report of staying up 1.7% and 4.1% year over year respectively.  Vegas, Miami, Phoenix and Tampa all hit new lows in December 2010.  Atlanta, Charlotte, Portland and Seattle also showed weakness and posted lows since the peak of 2007.

 Blitzer also said, “The National Index is within a percentage point of the low it set in the first quarter of 2009.”

 Right now Portland is at a 138.23 level which means it is up 38.23% from the “zero” price point set at (100) in the year 2000.  Portland’s previous low in the last Case-Shiller report was 139.92.  This is near equal to the March 2005 when Case-Shiller Feb 22,1011Portland was at 138.30.  This is positive news compared to many of the other cities across our nation which are near 2003 levels; or, even Cleveland and Las Vegas which are now below January 2000 levels.

Keep swimming, land is near!  

Here is the full report.  

Case-Shiller Feb 22,1011




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