February 26, 2013 Case-Shiller Report

26 02 2013

Case-Shiller Home Prices 2012 Q4 Report

Portland is slightly down month-to-month again by 0.5% along with 10 other metropolitan markets. However, like all the other metro markets, Portland is up for the year by 6.5%. According to David Blitzer, Chairman of the Index Committee for Standard and Poor’s, “Home prices ended 2012 with solid gains. Housing and residential construction led the economy in the 2012 fourth quarter…”

The Portland, Oregon Market is still in the top three of markets based on where prices were in the past as well. The top markets reported by the Case-Shiller Report were Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis and Phoenix. Portland is now (Dec. 2012) near April 2005 levels. Dallas is the leader with September 2005 levels, Denver is near May 2005, Minneapolis is near January 2002 (July 2010 as well) and Phoenix is near November 2003 levels.

This is another confirmation that Portland performed much better than many of the other Metro markets overall during the real estate bust in the past 10 years. The good news is that we are climbing steadily up from our own bottom and hopefully will continue in this higher tier in the short-term future.

case shiller february 26, 2013

Link to The Full Report




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