RMLS Market Action August 2015 Portland Metro Area

23 09 2015

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What…no one told me.  We broke a price record on real estate sales in 2015!  Where did you see that?

Well, I dug it up myself..see below.

The amazing findings show that the Portland Real Estate Market right now is the 4th highest Average sales price on record compared to August 2007, and the previous two months in 2015 at $364,600.  The Median Sales Price is 3rd highest on record compared to the previous months in 2015.

Have we been in the dark in the past 3 months?in the dark

My small lawyer disclaimer is that you cannot ask for whatever you want in this market based on what you hear in the news or read on a flyer next door.  You must trust a professional to assisting you and his research in the process to come up with a price based on facts in the neighborhood which are comparable to yours.

A recent client of mine listed her home for what she wanted to in the mid-$500s and then I hired and appraiser to prove my point.  We changed the price to $6K over the appraiser’s number, got 2 offers and still sold $13.5K under the listed price.

Compared to Last Year

Inventory down to 1.9 months from 3.0.

Closed sales up 19.8%.

Pending sales up 23.8%

New listings up 8.3%.

Average Sales Price up 7.2%

Median Sales Price 7.0%

Compared to Last Month

Inventory up to 1.9 months from 1.7

Closed sales down 10.3%

Pending sales down 4.2%

New listings down 9.2%

Average Sales Price down 1.2%

Median Sales Price down 0.5%

More findings soon on local neighborhoods as well.

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