Case-Shiller Home Prices January 26, 2016 Report

26 01 2016




Here are the numbers of today’s Case Shiller Report.  Portland is at an all-time high for November 2015.  This is unheard of for a late Fall number ever in our recorded history.  It makes us all wonder what will come up in next month’s report on whether it is lower or higher.  We all expect the number to go down in the Winter, but based on this, it will be somewhat unclear to predict.


More soon!

Portland  Index

Jul-2007 186.51
Aug-2015 186.51
Nov-2015 189.47


National  Index

Jul-2006 184.62
Nov-2007 175.19
Nov-2015 175.71


10 City  Index

Jun-2006 226.29
Nov-2015 197.54


20 City Index

Jul-2006 206.52
Dec-2007 184.97
Jan-2008 180.68
Nov-2015 182.86




The Full Report Here: 

Case Shiller January 26, 2015


Dustin Miller

Broker/Market Analyst



February 2013 Portland Metro Market Action

15 02 2013
Storm seemingly over

Storm seemingly over

Well, the big news in Portland is not sales price, as those who are “in” the market know right now.  The active listings inventory went up 89% over December 2012 from 3.6 months to 4.9 months!  This is the number of closed sales divided by the number of active listings on the market. Sales numbers are up over last year by 9.8%; in fact the highest for January since 2007 and down 23.6% from December 2012. Pending sales are up 4.6% for the year and 37.7% since last month in December.

Prices are even from last month, 0.0% in the median sale price and down 0.9% in the average sale price for the year.

The overall drive to get more listings on the market is greater than ever as buyers are desperately out there seeking their perfect home.  My assessment of why inventory is so low is due to most sellers’ desires to sell their home for a certain price and not “thinking” that their home has quite reached that price yet in the market rebound.  When they feel their home has reached this level, we may start to see the inventory numbers climb.

Predictions for the next few months…

  • Low inventory will drive up the average median sales price again slightly.
  • The S&P Case-Shiller report will also reflect this.
  • Inventory will hopefully increase once again as the weather improves and positive news of recovery are spread throughout the media.
  • Sales numbers year-to-year will increase by month-to-month but keep going down as the trend has been for the last 6 months.

Compared to Last Year

Inventory up to 4.7 months.

Closed sales up 9.8%.

Pending sales up 4.6%

New listings down 6.7%.

Compared to Last Month

Closed sales down 23.6%

Pending sales down 0.9%

New listings up 89.6%


Click Here for the full report

February 2013 RMLS Market Action

The real estate market is showing some positive signs of recovery

The real estate market is showing some positive signs of recovery


Portland Metro Real Estate Report for June 2011

21 06 2011

‘Tis the season.  Sales are up and…believe it or not, prices are up too.

 It is a bit of a dart board in places around the Portland Metro Real Estate Market, but overall we are seeing some very positive signs for both buyers and sellers.

 Good sale increases came in some of the lower price ranges as well as the upper end too for Portland Metro.  It is hard to pick winners and losers in this month’s report as some lower price ranges actually declined while others increased.   It is hard to take a true temperature of why some areas have picked up over others at this point.  West Portland and Lake Oswego saw an increase in numbers in the higher ranges above $900K similar to the beginning of the year.  The close-in east side also continues to be in demand for the current pool of buyers as well.

 As far as price, the numbers in North Portland sales went up 9.67%.  Oregon City and Lake Oswego followed a close second at 6.53% and 6.64% for their average sales price.  The other encouraging statistic is the bank-owned category which seems to be down significantly in the newly active listings for this report.  In general, the bank-owned pending and sold homes are down 59.87% and 13.59% for the rolling average.  The average sales price overall went up 3.82% for pending homes and 2.93% for sold homes.

Average Sales prices are counter to the recent RMLS Market Action report for June which had them down 4.8% at the end of May. The July Market Action may just have an increase to report if these numbers hold.  Keep a watch out for the Standard & Poor Case-Shiller report too.  It may have some sort of increase to report at the end of the month.

All in all, the numbers are showing some positive and negative trends alike.  Solid ground may not be here yet, but it may be just stable enough to consider it an improvement which may take hold.

 Enjoy the full report and please feel free to contact me regarding any questions.  I love to talk past, present and future!

 Complete Portland Metro Report June 2011 



Dustin Miller


Realty Trust Group