CoreLogic Home Price Index November 5, 2013 Report

5 11 2013

YawnAre we yawning yet?  Corelogic, Portland RMLS and the Case-Shiller Report are all telling us we are up about 12%.  We are trying to find a nugget each time with new news to let you know that the real estate market is trending upward.

How about a quick report on Corelogic first and then I will give you the rundown on each of these reports to make better sense of them.

The Corelogic national index including distressed homes has been going up slowly every month since October 2012 and the annual rate has been going up since March 2012.

Oregon posted a 13.55% appreciation including distressed sales and 12.32% appreciation excluding distressed sales between Sept.  2012 – Sept. 2013.

Nationally Including Distressed Sales

Up 12% in Price from previous year—Sept. 2012

Up 0.2% in price from previous month—Aug. 2012

Nationally Excluding Distressed Sales

Up 10.8% in Price from previous year—Sept. 2012

Up 0.3% in price from previous month—Aug. 2012

National Prediction Including Distressed sales for Oct. 2013

Up 10.5% in Price from previous year—October 2013

Up 0.3% in price from previous month—October 2013

National Prediction Excluding Distressed sales for October

Up 11.2% in Price from previous year—October 2012

Up 0.1% in Price from previous month—Oct. 2013

The CoreLogic Home Price Index tracks 30 years of repeat sales transactions for the same homes over time for both distressed and non-distressed properties.  The data reflects the results of the month prior and a rolling three month data index.   This is different than the National Association of Realtors Report who is one month behind but tracks all home sales as well as pending statistics for a three-month rolling index as well.  And, the Case-Schiller Report reports data 2 months back and a rolling three-month data index of all homes sales.  CoreLogic believes this unique system of tracking is slightly more accurate as to home price appreciation and depreciation due to the tracking of the very same homes.  The Portland RMLS report tracks the previous month of sales (one month back) compared with the previous month as well as the previous year.  Corelogic is the only published report which posts predictions for the next month and the following year.

slow and steady

The full report:corelogic_hpi_september_2013


Dustin Miller


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